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Kale Pesto Pasta w/ Lemony Meatballs Happy Friday! It’s been way to long since …

Kale Pesto Pasta w/ Lemony Meatballs🍋

Happy Friday! It’s been way to long since I posted a good pasta dish so I’m pretty excited about this one.😛

Growing up, I was a hard core marinara kid but I think I might be slowly crossing over to team pesto… this kale pesto is one of my new favorites with hearty kale, toasted sunflower seeds and fresh parsley. I love it when I can just drown my carbs in vegetables and then totally forget they’re even there 😂

The meatballs are super simple, made with lean turkey or chicken and oven baked until golden brown. So pretty much just an all around good meal. For all my vegan friends out there, the pesto is already dairy free and the meatballs can easily be replaced with some marinated white beans for a yummy meatless meal! More details in the notes of my recipe card.

Find the full recipe on the blog!

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