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It’s the weekend! For some reason I felt like everyday this week was Thursday s…

It’s the weekend! 😁 For some reason I felt like everyday this week was Thursday so not sure what’s going with that but anyway…

Last week I FINALLY made a recipe from Hawa Hassan’s cookbook In Bibis Kitchen which has been sitting on my shelf for months! It includes recipes and stories from Grandmothers from eight different African countries. I made a Somali Beef Stew with this amazing coconut based green chile sauce—The flavors were amazing and the homemade Xawaash spice mix really was worth the extra effort. I’m looking forward to trying out some more recipes (and also just pouring green chile sauce on literally everything 😋).

On a different note, I had a great time photographing this one! Even through stew may not be the most ‘gram worthy dish, here are a few styling tips to make your “unphotogenic” foods pop:

• Don’t be afraid to use props. Instead of just throwing stuff on randomly, try to tell a story. For example, eating a banana alongside heavy dishes is a common thing in Somalian cuisine so I included a banana in the corner of the frame.
• Use brightly colored garnish. Most “ugly” foods are usually pretty dull. By adding just a little pop of color both in and around the dish can help brighten the photo. I like to use cilantro, sliced avocado, chili flakes or even some fresh fruit.
• Create specular highlights. These are those little catch lights that make food glisten. They can really bring a photo to life, so I like to brush my subjects with a bit of oil right before I shoot. Honey mixed with a little water also works for desserts.

Hope this helps, have a nice weekend everyone! ✨💕

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