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Instant Pot Pork Tacos with Citrus and Mint I’ve found that you can make almost…

Instant Pot Pork Tacos with Citrus and Mint✨🌱

I’ve found that you can make almost any meal better by adding some avocado and serving it in a warm tortilla. So that’s exactly what I did with this amazing recipe from Melissa Clark over at nytcooking! I was already obsessed with her recipes, but this really tipped me over. The saltiness of the pork with the acid from the citrus FABULOUS.

I feel weird posting this recipe since it’s pretty close to the original, I just tweaked a few things:
– used a bone in pork shoulder instead of boneless and skipped searing it just to save time. I also salted it the night before.
– replaced fish sauce with soy sauce (just a personal preference)
– added orange to the citrus mint salad in addition to grapefruit for a touch of sweetness. For the dressing, I just squeezed lime juice and a couple tsp of honey instead of using the pork’s cooking liquid.

Happy Monday! 🙃

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  1. I love the composition of the photo! I’m definitely saving this for inspo😍

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